When to start the gardening season

If you’re a gardening beginner, you might be confused about when to start gardening. Opinions on this often vary depending on the gardener’s living area, expertise, experience and climate.  Here’s all the information you need about when to begin for those just starting out gardening.


The season of garden work begins when the last frost day has passed. This is when all danger of a hard frost has ended and it is safe to start planting seeds or seedlings. The question of when to start gardening is relative to the area and climate you live in. That said, most gardening and planting work usually begins in mid-March and April. This work usually includes fertilizing the soil for sown, planted, and re-potted plants to receive all the nutrients they need to grow through their roots.


Fertilizing your plants is definitely something you should keep in mind when you’ve started gardening. Plant-I-Boost Universal contains a high level of nitrogen NPK (8-5-1), which is necessary for plants in the spring season. Nitrogen, which enters the soil during the gradual decomposition of fertilizer, strengthens and promotes growth, and is especially important when growing new plants or transplanting existing ones.The best time to fertilize your plants is in the early morning when temperatures are still cool and rain is unlikely to fall.