I have mold forming on the top of the soil, is that ok?
We advise to work our plant foods thoroughly into the soil, close to the roots of the plant, not leaving any pellets on top of the soil. Then, after fertilizing for the first time, let the plant adapt to the new soil environment and adapt your watering schedule as needed, per individual plant’s needs. If the soil is dry, water the plant, but if you stick your finger into it and the soil is wet, skip the watering for that day. And if after following all these steps you still have mold on your soil, note that PLANT-I-BOOST is 100% natural product, therefore mold is a natural process that may occur. It will not harm the plant.
How much PLANT-I-BOOST and SLEEPY-PLANTS should I use?
FOR INDOOR PLANTS IN POTS - Mix a handful (approx. 125g/m2) of the fertilizer into the soil of the pot, plant, and then water. FOR PLANTS IN BEDS & GREENHOUSES - Mix the fertilizer in (approx. 125g/m2), stirring along the bed, plant, and then water. FOR THE RESTORATION OF INFERTILE SOIL - Mix the fertilizer (approx. 125g/m2) into the soil and water thoroughly to restore soil structure. The good thing about our fertilizers are that they are 100% natural and with their gentle nature do not burn your plant or their roots. So it is almost not possible to overdose.
What kind of soil should I use together with PLANT-I-BOOST and SLEEPY-PLANTS?
Our products are very gentle and adaptable to different soil types, just try use basic, clean, non-treated soil that is free from previous fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides, so as not to combine with PLANT-I-BOOST and SLEEPY-PLANTS and overwhelm the plant.
How do I water my plant after fertilizing?
Right after adding PLANT-I-BOOST or SLEEPY-PLANTS, treat your houseplant by watering it as a final-step. After that, it is best to let your plant rest and not water it for a couple of days- let it get used to the new environment and adapt to it. Our suggestion – follow the individual needs of the plant – carefully watch the moisture of the soil and only water when the plant needs it.

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