What is meat and bone meal (mbm)?

Meat and bone mean (mbm) makes excellent organic plant food because it contains many mineral elements essential for plants. It is an all-natural biproduct of the food industry and upcycling fertilizer from it is much better than just burning or burying it. Using MBM also takes pressure off the world’s other sources of naturally occurring minerals, which are becoming increasingly depleted due to over-use.

MBM starts as the bone and meat remnants from healthy animals harvested by the meat-packing industry. Bones are collected, then steamed, and then ground into a fine powder. The steaming process helps improve the solubility and bioavailability of the nutrients specifically to plants.

Bones are full of nutrients and minerals that benefit your plants, helping to make them healthier and stronger.

  • Decomposes gradually adapting to the vegetative state of the plant. MBM breaks down slowly, making it the perfect long-term fertilizer that works well while requiring fewer applications. As it slowly breaks down throughout the season, the MBM will continue to feed your plants.
  • Rich in Calcium. MBM fertilizer full of this essential mineral – calcium helps keep the cell walls of your plants strong and healthy and promotes steady growth.
  • Rich in Phosphorus. Phosphorus plays a big role in photosynthesis, root, flower, and seed production, energy transfer within the plant, and other vital functions.
  • Hard to overdose. Considering that MBM fertilizers are 100% natural, you cannot burn the roots even if you have applied a little too much accidentally.

Things to consider:

  • MBM may attract animals with its tempting smell. When using MBM, keep pets away from it. Do not leave open bags or buckets of MBM unattended where pets can get to it.
  • Do not allow them to eat, dig or roll around in dirt mixed with Plant-I-Boost or Sleepy Plants. Our products are all-natural and non-toxic, but anything consumed in large enough quantities can cause adverse side effects.