3 things you can do to be more sustainable

Sustainable living might seem like a tricky concept to tackle but the reality is that even a few simple practices integrated into our daily life can go a long way!

We’ve compiled a small list of simple things you can do daily that actually make a difference.

1. Cut down on plastic waste.

Countless tons of plastic cover about 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces damaging millions of ecosystems. If plastic consumption continues at this rate, plastic will outweigh fish in the sea by 2050. Simply cutting down on daily plastic consumption can do well. Take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping, buy metal straws for your drinks and get a water bottle you can fill up!

2. Eat fewer avocados.

Avocados are no longer trendy, and maybe one of the reasons is the crazy impact they have on the environment. The global obsession with this fruit means they’re transported extensively. For that reason they are at the top of the list for the carbon footprints left behind by products (two avocados release about 846.36g of CO2 emissions and let’s remember that millions of tons are shipped every day). Additionally, avocados need to be stored at a particular temperature, requiring lots of energy and their cultivation process is very demanding. Avocados require lots of water for growth. The magnitude of their cultivation leads to soil degradation in nearby areas. Soil degradation then leads to a handful of other issues. Basically, cutting down on avocados is a great thing to do to be more sustainable!

3. Choose products that are part of a circular economy.

Waste management is among the top sustainability issues. The main principles of a circular economy are that waste is designed out and materials are kept in use. Eventually they regenerate the environment. When given the option, buy products with resource-efficient production – organic Plant-I-Boost fertilizers, clothing made from production scraps (many super cool brands do this), briquettes composed of up-cycled biomasses and so on. Go for the up-cycled that does good!